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Preparing for your Real Estate Interview

Whether you're new to the real estate business or moving to another firm, these are some questions you may want to ask when interviewing your potential new firm.

  1. When do the Realtor Dues have to be paid?
  2. Can the dues be paid on a quarterly basis?
  3. Can I design my own business cards with your approval of the design?
  4. Signs: Are these "For Sale" yard signs?
  5. What do the signs look like?  Are they new or used?
  6. Can I purchase my own yard signs with your approval?
  7. MLS dues:  Can they be paid on a quarterly or yearly basis in advance?
  8. What does the training consist of?  How long does it last? Who does the training?When does it start? Why do you feel it is important?
  9. What type of advertising will I be receiving for the first 6 months?
  10. What type of advertising will I receive after the first 6 months?
  11. Can I do my own advertising with your approval?
  12. Will I have access to the office in off hours to get more work done?
  13. Who will be there to answering my questions and id assistance when I'm out in the field with a client? And what times are they available?
  14. How are the areas of town broken up between the agents?
  15. Can I work all areas of town?
  16. How much commission to do we charge our clients? Can I charge more or less?
  17. What is our dress code?
  18. Are there a number of hours per week we are required to work?
  19. Is there any phone opportunity that is required or that I can sign up for?
  20. When is the office closed/open?
  21. How does the commission split work?
  22. Can I leave my computer at the office? How is it protected?
  23. How often do we have sales meetings? Are they mandatory?
  24. What type of awards programs are there for the top agents?
  25. If you were just starting out in the business and want to be very good, what steps would you take?